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Leonteq Launches an ETP+ on Solactive Longevity Index

Solactive is pleased to announce the launch of a new Exchange Traded Product (ETP+) by Leonteq, tracking the Solactive Longevity Index. This new product, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and BX Swiss under the ticker code VITAC, represents a significant step forward in investment opportunities linked to the rapidly growing longevity economy.

According to AARP’s Global Longevity EconomyOutlook[1], the contribution of the 50-plus population to global GDP is expected to more than double over the next 30 years. This demographic accounted for half of global consumer spending ($35 trillion) in 2020, a figure projected to reach nearly 60% ($96 trillion) by 2050. Additionally, older adults are responsible for substantial spending on health, housing, utilities, food, beverages, and transport, supporting one-third of the world’s jobs and generating significant labor income. These trends underscore the immense economic impact of the aging population and the opportunities for growth in related industries.

The Solactive Longevity Index NTR is designed to capture this potential by focusing on 30 companies that stand to benefit from the increasing longevity of the global population. The index encompasses industries such as Genomics, Medical Technology & Robotic Surgery, Telemedicine & Accessible Healthcare, Medical Imaging, and Senior Diseases. Selection of index components is driven by Solactive’s proprietary ARTIS® (Algorithmic Thematic Investing System), ensuring a precise and dynamic representation of the longevity theme.

 Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented: “Science and technology are key drivers for the positive developments in the field of longevity. With our ARTIS-based index identifying the top 30 companies in the longevity sector, we are happy to offer an underlying for innovative products like the ETP+ from Leonteq.”

Robert Roe, QIS Structurer, at Leonteq, added: With the global population and spending power of the elder generations both set to rise in the future, companies enabling these trends can also expect to profit. This new product allows those investors who seek exposure to this “sub” megatrend in addition to the already established “Golden Generation” theme to now not only invest in this dynamic index, but also benefit from enhanced safety through our innovative ETP+ wrapper.”


[1] AARP Report.