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In First Engagement with Solactive Lloyd Capital LLC in cooperation with HANetf Launches Two ETFs in Ireland Based on Solactive Indices

Achieving consistent market outperformance over extended periods demands a solid strategy. This can be accomplished by focusing on high-quality businesses that tend to deliver superior returns on invested capital with lower risk. To offer investors new opportunities in this area, Solactive AG is pleased to announce its first collaboration with Lloyd Capital LLC. In collaboration with HANetf, the asset manager launches two ETFs domiciled in Ireland based on Solactive Indices.

The new ETFs launched by Lloyd will be tracking Solactive indices as follows:

The above indices represent the securities with strong and superior growth of their earning power trading at a price that provides a margin of safety over their intrinsic value. These UCITS strategies target companies with expanding earning potential and competitive advantages. They seek businesses with a lengthy runway for sustainable free cash flow growth, underpinned by clear and enduring growth drivers. Priority is given to companies with attractive valuations, providing essential products or services, and maintaining strong balance sheets with minimal debt. Moreover, they emphasize investments with pricing power or cost efficiencies to mitigate risks stemming from macroeconomic shifts, inflation, and interest rate fluctuations.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented: We are thrilled by this first collaboration with Lloyd Capital LLC through the launch of these ETFs in Ireland and we are eager to continue this engagement in the future. By leveraging our comprehensive selection and weighting methodologies, these indices offer investors the opportunity to own companies with strong fundamentals and sustainable growth prospects. We are confident that these ETFs will be valuable additions to the portfolios of investors seeking robust and diversified investment options.

Thomas Küpfer, Chief Investment Officer, and Cedric Jacque, Senior Portfolio Manager, said: “We view stocks as fractional ownership in businesses and cultivate a long-term owner’s mindset. Our selective strategy focuses on identifying high-quality companies, acquiring a deep understanding of their business models, and purchasing them at a discount to their long-term earning power.”