Extraordinary Event Treatment for Nigerian Equity | Solactive Next Emerging & Frontier Index | Effective Date 30/06/2020

Today, on the 29/06/2020, Solactive announces the following treatment for Nigerian equity in the following Indices (the ‘Affected Index’):




Solactive Next Emerging & Frontier Index




Solactive has observed an extraordinary event with respect to Nigerian equity that severely and adversely effects transaction of foreign investors in Nigerian equity. Due to the recent deterioration of liquidity in the Nigerian FX market resulting from measures taken by public authorities, transactions in Nigerian Equity cannot be carried out on terms that provide a fair and undistorted picture of the Nigerian market.

Accordingly, the Oversight Committee of Solactive has decided to implement the following changes as part of the Adjustment Day on the last Business Day in June:

  • Nigerian companies that have been identified on the Selection Day to be added to the Affected Index will not be included in the Affected Index;
  • Nigerian companies already included in the Affected Index that have been identified on the Selection Day to remain in the Affected Index will remain with a fixed position;
  • For clarification: in the June selection Nigerian companies to be removed from the Affected Index have not been identified.

Solactive would like to point out that the implemented measures are extraordinary measures to react to the current unexpected and extreme market situation. No precautionary effect for measures to be taken in future comparable situations can be derived from this.

Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the index guideline of the Affected Index.