ETF Services

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients' needs and our highly flexible IT infrastructure, we've been able to continually expand our services. With our new offering of ETF services, we provide a wide range of solutions that meet the particular challenges faced by ETF/ETP providers.

Your Benefits

  • Client centricity

    Our services are fully focused on your needs. That’s why we engage in direct negotiation and service adjustment for each and every client.

  • Analysis and reporting

    We're able to deliver closing files on a daily basis as well as tailor-made research, reports, and market overview analyses to meet your needs.

  • Security

    Confidentiality, data security, parallel calculations and compliance policies are all in place to ensure the integrity of our services.

A comprehensive service

With many years of ETF/ETP knowledge covering the whole value chain, including IT development, trading, and operational risk management, the ETF Services department has strong capabilities in all asset classes and complex procedures implementation for long-short, hedged, leveraged and smart beta strategies. Specifically, our solutions for ETP providers include the calculation of the Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value (IOPV), Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV), and creation of the Portfolio Composition File (PCF) along with the required factsheets.

Our approach – global, scalable and technically advanced

We provide services for major clients such as leading global asset managers, or tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions for smaller clients, and have experience in all asset classes. We take a truly global approach, with comprehensive support and highly automated, scalable backend processes that make use of technology and big data in our calculations and pricing models to add value for our clients. As an example, the iNAV and IOPV can be calculated for more than 100,000 financial products in 158 different currencies and are updated up to every second during trading hours, considering multiple listings. The live data is disseminated to exchanges and to more than 300 vendors, including Reuters and Bloomberg.

Fabian, Head of Sales

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Fabian, Head of Sales

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