ETF Services

Having collected an in-depth knowledge in all asset classes and in various investment strategies Solactive has expanded its service towards ETF/ETP providers by introducing the new division of ETF services. We provide solutions for ETF providers in the calculation of Indicative Net Asset Value (INAV) / Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value (IOPV) / Indicative Value (IV), in the creation of Portfolio Composition File (PCF) and production of the required factsheets.


Services Summary:


ETF PCF Creation

  • ETF Composition
  • CAs Adjustments
  • FTP, E-mail, NSCC

IOPV Calculation

  • Direct Replication
  • Synthetic Replication
  • Mid-Point Quoting

ETF Reporting

  • Key Statistics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Risk Exposure



We have strong capabilities in all asset classes
and complex procedures implementation for
long-short, hedged, leveraged and smart beta
strategies. ETP prices can be calculated in 158
hard and local currencies.
IOPV is updated up to every 1 second over
the trading hours considering multiple
listings and is disseminated to exchanges
and to more than 300 vendors including
Reuters and Bloomberg.



Our Benefits:


Client Centricity


Direct negotiation and service adjustment for
each and every client
We have an aggressive pricing model to
optimize client’s costs


Flexible IT Structure

Analysis and Reporting

Separately programmed module integrated in
the internal unique platform for each client allows
to implement any specific calculation
methodology, checks and monitoring tools
required by the ETP specifications
Closing files delivery on an everyday basis
as well as tailor made research, reports,
market overview to meet the client’s needs




Confidentiality, data security and compliance
policies in place
ETF Specialists coverage over the trading
hours plus IT support