Announcement | NASPERS LTD-N SHS and PROSUS NV | Corporate Action

Dear Client,

Solactive AG notes the announcement by Naspers (ZAE000015889) and Prosus (NL0013654783) regarding their capitalisation issues intended to remove their cross-holding structure.
The transaction was approved by both Prosus and Naspers shareholders at an EGM held on August 23, 2023, and August 24, 2023, respectively.

Prosus Capitalisation issue:
Prosus will issue a stock dividend of 1.17960 new listed Prosus Ordinary Shares for each existing Prosus Ordinary Share held.  The price and shares of Prosus will be adjusted to reflect the terms of the capitalisation issue on the following effective dates:
PRXJn.J    – September 13, 2023
PRX.AS    – September 14, 2023
PROSY.PK- September 26, 2023

Naspers capitalisation issue:
Naspers shareholders Shareholders will be entitled to be issued with 4,999 new Naspers Ordinary Shares for every one Naspers Ordinary Share held by Naspers Shareholders. This will be followed with a consolidation of 1: 5,000 for each Naspers Share held. Consequently, the number of Naspers Ordinary Shares held by each Naspers Free-Float Shareholder on the Transaction Record Date will be unchanged post implementation of the Naspers Share Capitalisation Issue.
Solactive AG will not take any action on the above Naspers capitalisation event.

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