Announcement | CRH PLC | Informative Notice

Dear Client,

Solactive AG notes the announcement made by CRH PLC (IE000182704) on March 2, 2023 whereby following a review of its optimal listing structure and consideration of CRH PLC future strategy, the Board had come to the conclusion that it was in the best interests of the business and Shareholders to pursue a primary US stock exchange listing.

Following a period of extensive shareholder engagement and upon careful consideration of the feedback received, CRH intends to transfer CRH PLC (CRH.I) primary listing of Ordinary Shares to the New York Stock Exchange, transfer CRH PLC listing category of Ordinary Shares on the London Stock Exchange from a premium listing to Standard listing, cancel CRH PLC (CRH.I) listing of ordinary shares on Euronext Dublin.

The transaction was approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on June 8, 2023.

Solactive AG will implement the following index treatment:

• CRH PLC (CRH.I, Euronext Dublin) will be delisting from Euronext Dublin with it’s last day to trade being September 20, 2023. Trading in shares of CRH PLC will commence on New York Stock Exchange effective September 25, 2023.As the trading currency of CRH PLC will change from EUR to USD, Solactive AG will implement this event as per Delisting Adjustment of Equity Index Methodology where CRH PLC will be removed from the index effective September 21, 2023 (Open) and the weight of CRH PLC based on its last close price will be distributed pro rata to remaining Index constituents.

• CRH PLC-ADR (CRH.N) has its ADR listed on New York Stock Exchange. This ADR program will get terminated effective September 25, 2023, and these ADR will get converted into common shares with terms 1 for 1. Solactive AG will implement this as an ID change.

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